Sarah Mayor Cox  spoke about how books and words and connections with others have impacted on her life and her children. We saw her valued Beatrix Potter collection and books created by students in Book Week at Heidelberg Heights Primary School.

Demet Divaroren  shared the story of her background, school years and where her journey has taken her to this point. Her slides were linked to inner spirit, and individual thinking. One of Demet’s comments was: “If I wasn’t writing, I wouldn't feel switched on.”

Adam Wallace presented in a different tone "than his normal". He spoke about his Polish grandmother and other people that have impacted his life, which started off with engineering and is now words, drawings, books and children. 

This event is to celebrate the announcement of the CBCA Book of Year Awards, Notable Books.

Our 2018 event saw a new venue, a different format and over 100 guests, making for a spectacular evening on 27th February.

The venue was The David Williamson Theatre in Prahran and the foyer area proved a delightful space for networking and shared conversation, prior to the main event.

All our speakers provided inner thinking, reflection and the importance of connectivity with others on life’s journey.
The evening concluded with our three Victorian BOTY Judges briefly addressing the audience about themselves and their role.

To quote a previous guest speaker, the amazing Shaun Tan:

“The Notable Books listing... a wonderful critical opportunity for all Australian creators of books for young people, a chance to be noticed, and noticed for the right reasons. It’s proof that you don’t need a publicity juggernaut to get attention, you don’t need popularity or profile, you just need good writing, illustration and design.”
No wonder the Notable Books announcement is one of our most popular events!