CBCA Book of Year Awards

2019 Short List Announcement @ SLV

On Tuesday, 26th March at 12 noon, this year's shortlisted books were announced at an event hosted by the Victorian Branch in the magnificent Isabella Fraser Room at the State Library of Victoria.

Guests enjoyed a delicious morning tea, prior to a Wurundjeri "Welcome to Country' by Elder, Auntie Jacqui Wandin.  The Chair of CBCA, Prof. Margot Hillel, highlighted the importance of these awards and our Panel of Publishers discussed their "favourite" books.  

Niki Horin, Five Mile, adores The Big Hug Book series and her latest favourite is "Love your Body" by Jessica Sander, illustrated by Carol Rossetti.

Jane Pearson, Text Publishing, described her instant 'love' from reading the first paragraph of "The Peacock Detectives" by Carly Nugent - Winner of the Text Prize (and excitingly announced as one of the shortlisted titles at this event).

Erica Wagner, Allen & Unwin, held up her favourite book, "Uhu" by Annette Macarthur-Onslow - Winner of 1970 CBCA Book of the Year Award and delighted us in claiming all "her" other wins!

Then it was the time we were all waiting for - the announcement of this year's Short List.

Indra Kurzeme, Head of Audience Engagement SLV read the first three categories, Older Reader, Younger Reader & Early Childhood, followed by CBCA Chair, Prof. Margot Hillel with the Picture Book of the Year, Eve Pownall Award and CBCA Award for New Illustrator.

Download the Short List  results and access the PDF posters 

Download the slides used at the announcement via these links


The celebrations!

2019 Notable books on display

Morning tea

Short Listed authors and illustrators at this event - Congratulations!
L to R - Top row - Patrick Guest, Jane Reiseger, Coral Vass, Carly Nugent, Kate Ryan, Cally Bennett, Lorraine Marwood
Bottom row - Elise Hurst, Sarah Epstein, Mandy Ord, Heather Potter, Mark Jackson
L to R
Prof. Margot Hillel (Chair CBCA), Niki Horin (Five Mile), Jane Pearson (Text Publishing), Erica Wagner (Allen & Unwin), Christine Oughtred (President CBCA Vic)
Indra Kurzeme, SLV

Erica Wagner, Michael Wagner & Rachel Flynn

Coral Vass, Sarah Epstein & Mandy Ord

Ella Meave & Kate O'Donnell

Rachel Flynn & Heather Zubek
Kathy Kozlowski, Suzanne Thwaites, Geraldine Woolnough (CBCA Vic committee member)

Christine Oughtred & Ann Haddon (Books Illustrated)

Annie White & Kate Ryan

Mark Jackson & Meg Moores (CBCA Vic Secretary)
Alyson O'Brien & Patrick Guest
Anna Walker & Elise Hurst
 Briana Melideo, Rohan Cleave & Melinda Chandler with his book BOUNCING BACK: AN EASTERN BARRED BANDICOOT STORY (CSIRO Publishing)
Pam Horsey, Felic Arena, Coral Vass & Lisa Berryman
Rebecca Henson (SLV) & Tye Cattanch
Lorna Hendry
Karys McEwen (CBCA Vic Vice President) & Niki Horin (Five Mile)
Coral Vass with her book SORRY DAY, illustrated by Dub Lefler (National Library of Australia)

Lorraine Marwood, with her book LEAVE TAKING (University of Queensland Press)

Sarah Epstein with her book SMALL SPACES (Walker Books Australia)
Patrick Guest with his book THE DRESS-UP BOX, illustrated by Nathaniel Eckstrom (Hardie Grant Egmont)
Kate Ryan & Sara Action with shortlisted book Make Believe: M C Escher for Kids (National Gallery of Victoria)

The Text Publishing team with Carly Nugent and her book THE PEACOCK DETECTIVES (Text Publishing)

Kate O'Donnell & Ngaire Brown (CBCA Vic Vice President) with shortlisted book GRANDMA Z by Daniel Gray-Barnett (Scribble Kids' Books)

Julie Murphy & Sophie Groom (Spotlight) 

Lorraine & Kelvin Marwood

Carly Nugent, Andrew Wheeler & Jane Pearson

Meg Moores & Auntie Jacqui Wadin